Outlaw Bit Holder Key Chain

Outlaw Bit Holder Key Chain

This Custom "one of a kind" Outlaw Bit Holder Key Chain puts the Outlaw Drive System in your pocket and out of your way until you need it or want to show it off.  Try putting all 14 Torx bits you need to cover this same range of screw sizes in your pocket on a key chain!

The Outlaw Bit Holder comes with the Key Chain ring and one of the Outlaw Impact Ready Bits. 

"This is the hands down winner of the "coolest fastener accessory" award if there is such a thing.  Works perfect and all my co-workers ordered one too."   11/14/14 by J. Price

"I was wondering how I would keep up with just a single bit-- this is an ingenious solution. Great work guys, keep kicking it!"   12/4/14 by R. Kitsch